Fall Time Optimism

Summer is on it’s way out (I’m told) and fall is setting in. I’m a sucker for it, to be honest.

The summer ended with a great shoot for Stiegl Beer with Grey Sky Films. Then the following week I teamed up with Grey Sky again for a MiFroma cheese commercial. They’re a great team and bring the highest level of fun and professionalism to each set. I mean it…. we went from shooting in the mountains to filming in a nice, air-conditioned office building. They never broke stride. I look forward to future collaborations with their team.

*Photo credit to Grey Sky films for the photo on the top left.

On the theater front, ReThink Theatrical’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow opens on October 4th! The show is shaping up nicely. It is a comedic take on the story that centers around a film crew trying to make a movie version of Sleepy Hollow, only to have the set haunted. Hilarity and hijinks will ensue. If you’re in NY/NJ/Philly, come check it out (oh, it’s FREE btw). ReThink always brings the heat and this one is sure to be no different.

Autumn is here, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the grind and being unsure of whether or not I need a jacket!

Got A Little Toasty Out There...

Summer carries on. It’s been hot. Like… incredibly hot. (SIPS WATER FROM HYDRATION PACK ATTACHED TO BACK).

The grind continues. In the past 2 weeks I’ve had to submit more self-tape auditions then ever before. It’s been crazy, tiring, fun, and productive. If anyone reading is unfamiliar with this concept, it’s when actors have to film their auditions against a neutral background and submit it to the casting director. This is usually done at the request of an actor’s agent or from the casting director (awkward photo at the bottom for reference). Some news worthy items:

I’m happy to announce that I will once again be working with the team at ReThink Theatrical on an original rendition of Sleepy Hollow! My role is the Actor Who Plays Ichabod… what does that mean? You’ll have to come see. I worked with ReThink last year on a production of Macbeth and I’m very excited to team up with them again. Head over to the ReThink website for more details.

Once again, the feedback on the Sabra Hummus commercial was so overwhelmingly positive and I want to say thanks for being so encouraging. I had another big spot filmed earlier this year for a different company that should make it’s way to your eyeballs soon. I can’t say much about it at this time but I promise I will once I’m able to do so

As the summer winds down, you can expect to see a resurgence of content from the team at Perfectly Adequate Films. Stay tuned.

As promised, here is an awkward screenshot of a recent self-tape audition. No context on this one (it’s funnier that way).

For the record, I booked this particular job.

For the record, I booked this particular job.

That’s all for today (it’s still early, of course). Thanks for taking the time to read!

Happy Hummus, Everyone.

Thanks to everyone for all the positive responses to the Sabra Hummus commercial. This is one of two commercials I’ve done in the last month. I’ll release info on the other when the time comes.

Shout out to the team at Jo Anderson Talent for getting me in the audition on this one. You guys are awesome! You can see the ad on Sabra’s Instagram or watch it below.

This shoot was really fun and all the actors involved were top-notch hilarious. . We all had a great time.

They may take my beard, but they’ll never ta- oh… oh this flatbread is delicious.

Thanks for checking out the site and for all the support. More to come!

ps. The number on the commercial is a working number. Enjoy!


May was quite the month.

A couple of months ago I began the rehearsal process for Recent Tragic Events, presented by Tongue In Cheek Theater. I played Ron, a principal role. Over the past 2 weeks we had our theatrical run, and what a run it was!

We sold out all 8 shows! The show received some great reviews from a couple of websites. Those can be found here and here. I cannot say enough about how lucky I feel to have worked with this cast and crew. Jake Lipman and the team at TIC have set the bar extremely high for professionalism and creating an enriching creative experience. I count myself very fortunate to have met and worked with all these people. Shout out to the cast: Jaya Tripathi, Matt Gibson, Loralee Tyson, and the aforementioned Jake Lipman. Our assistant director, Olivia Ragan is a top-notch professional and person. And stage manager Jessica Fornear helped carry every show and rehearsal to new heights. Have I bragged on these people enough? Probably not but I’ll ease up now. Here are a few photos:

IN OTHER NEWS: Perfectly Adequate Films finished our run in the New York City Independent Film Festival last week. This is our second festival in as many months. Our entry was our sketch called The Fancy Drunk. We are waiting to hear back from one more festival. Once that passes, we will release that sketch, which has never been released to the public. Stay tuned on that one.

These guys think they’re funny.

These guys think they’re funny.

In OTHER other news: I have just booked a very big project that is shooting soon. I’ll share more when info is available. Cryptic enough? Irritatingly so? I could see that. I could definitely see that.

Thanks for reading and for all the support and encouragement, and thanks to everyone who came to the play!

Articulate Drunkards, Secret Agents, and Neighbors.

A few updates I want to share because you’re all awesome:

My team at Perfectly Adequate Films has OFFICIALLY launched our website. It’s so official and so launched that I JUST GAVE YOU TWO LINKS TO IT… ok I’m fine. I’m fine. Breathe.

  • Many of you know through social media that PAF is in two film festivals between now and mid-May! This weekend on Sunday 3/24 we have TWO shorts screening at the NYC Short Comedy Festival. The titles being shown are The Bored Identity and The Fancy Drunk. We are so very proud of these projects and incredibly thankful to everyone who helped make them happen. Tickets and info here. Our shorts will be shown in the 7pm session.

  • The Fancy Drunk will also be screened at the New York City Independent Film Festival in May! I will share more details about that festival as it gets closer. What I will say now is that the festival runs from 5/5-5/12 and our short will be shown on Friday 5/10 during the 9pm session. Tickets and info here.

  • Lastly but not least-ly (eh?), I have been cast in a principal role in the play, Recent Tragic Events. It’s an ensemble play wherein I play Ron, the goofy neighbor. The play is a dark comedy that takes place on Sept. 12, 2001. Directed by Jake Lipman and produced by Tongue in Cheek Theater, the run in midtown Manhattan at the Bridge Theater in May. And, for something completely different: more details to come soon!

There is a lot happening. Thank you all for your support and for taking the time to read. I hope to see you at one of these events. If not, WE’RE STILL FRIENDS AND YOU’RE STILL AWESOME! (stop shouting, Will).