Let's catch up a bit...

It's been a busy month.

I filmed my episode of Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall in mid-March, filmed another sketch with co-writer Erinn Nelson, produced and edited a video for a startup in Atlanta, and I continue to be on the audition grind. Fingers are crossed and we'll see what happens. 

Since the completion of the last sketch, we have begun production on the next. We feel really good about the concepts we're exploring and I'm excited for people to see the finished product.

"Will, you've been talking about sketches for a while. When can we see them?" - Some inquisitive yet hopefully supportive and not cynical person.

As many folks know, creating content can vary in time demand but usually is not a quick process. Erinn and I want to make sure we can deliver content on a regular basis, hence why we have not been releasing videos as we create them. Stay with me, friends. The final product is on the way!