Spring is here!! ...right?

'Eeeeyy everyone. It looks like the New York City winters have finally subsided (as soon as I say that I have to suspiciously look out the window for an unforeseen blizzard).

Warm weather means many things... elevated mood, warm weather music, and the most wonderful thing of all: sweaty audition season. Other actors (or humans that walk a lot outside during the day) all know what I'm talking about. Why did I show up a half hour early, you ask? I figure I needed at least 20 minutes to stand by your AC vent, then 5 minutes to put on the shirt I'm actually going to wear for the audition since this one is now soaked... too much? Yeah, probably.

SIDE NOTE YOU DID NOT ASK FOR: In terms of warm weather music, I usually go with Bob Marley, The Weepies, Trevor Hall, Ben Harper, Best Coast, My Morning Jacket, or the Paper Kites. Among others.

On the acting front, I continue to be on the audition grind. I had a great series of auditions for a movie a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed the casting people and the director was a creative guy who shared his vision very well. The audition was a great experience and the callback provided some opportunities to dive more into the role.

"Will, why post about a role you did not book?" Valid question, voice of my collective readers (all 3 of you). As an actor, even when the job doesn't work out, it's important to embrace those times when an audition challenges you and ends up being a positive experience.

I booked a voiceover gig this week and was able to record it at home, which is always nice. I look forward to sharing the final product once it is available. Go enjoy the weather, everyone. Hopefully it will not betray us by punching us in the back of the head with cold temps.



Oh man... you feel like you're right here, don't you?