The title of this entry is the only word to describe the past 2 months. Writing, filming, editing, traveling, filming some more... all those things summed up into the aforementioned title. The sketch group I co-created, Perfectly Adequate films, has been working on some great material. We filmed and are in post-production of our latest sketch (pics below).

FILM UPDATE: Last week I was in Dunkirk, NY filming my role for the indie drama Lighthouse Unmanned. I have spent these past few days working with some incredible actors and crew members and we are all really enjoying telling this story. Hopefully audiences will feel the same way when the film is done. I have been taking a lot of on-set pictures and have discovered that it is impossible to take a bad picture of this town near Lake Erie. Touche, nature. If you click here you can see the gallery of photos from my time in Dunkirk. I've added some today and will continue to add more photos over the next few days. Sorry it's been so long. Staying busy while still working on this whole discipline thing.