[Poetic title about autumn]

What a summer!

The past few months have been whirlwind of various jobs and auditions. As I posted in my last update, I worked on a play in the NYC Theater Summerfest. So what else went on?

I auditioned for more things than I can count, got callbacks for most of them, and booked a few jobs in the process. I auditioned for a few films, a sitcom, commercials, a couple of plays (one being Off-Broadway), recorded a few voiceover jobs, and continued to host Perfectly Adequate Games on the Hangtime app. During this stretch I got to meet some really cool artists with whom I hope to collaborate again.

Some other highlights: I booked a national commercial, worked on a SAG project, took part in another Shakespeare project as a voice performer, created some content for Perfectly Adequate Films (planning to submit to festivals so it won’t be posted right away), and began doing some work with Jo Anderson Talent.

Fall is here and I’m a sucker for it.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned…

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