The time I shared the screen with a 90s Nickelodeon star and didn't know It

Highlights from the past 2 months: a national commercial, a national print ad, an industrial, a voiceover, comedy sketch with Perfectly Adequate Films, and submitted 2 shorts to the festival circuit (DEEP INHALE). Now, about that post title…

DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read happened 3 years ago…

I was called to audition for an action series. The script was insane. I was asked to read for the character, Detective Ryan Rust. He was looking to settle a score using street racing (takes off sunglasses, smolders). It was full of classic, bad action dialogue and made me wonder if I should even go to the audition. I decided to give it a shot and… well, just watch…

A few things:

  1. I had a GREAT time with this whole experience. The director of the piece was Edmond Hawkins, who had worked on SNL and Jimmy Fallon, among other things. He does great work and made this whole thing incredible.

  2. The yelling guy on my car screen is Danny Tamberelli. You may remember from 90s classic Nickelodeon shows like All That and The Adventures of Pete and Pete. We were never in the same room and I had no idea he’d be in the final product. Pleasant/hilarious surprise.

  3. This aired on TruTV’s Late Night Snack, hosted by Rachel Dratch. The segment was called The Screen Test.

Auditions can be weird, fun, terrifying, terrible, and an adrenaline rush among other things. This one was positive across the board. Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading and watching. Feel free to reach out through the contact link at the top of the site. Cheers, everyone!