Overdue Post 2 of 2: The Scottish Post

Fun fact: The thumbnail photo for this post was taken in Scotland, but that's not the most Scottish thing about this post...


The announcement to which I alluded in my last post is one I'm very pleased to make: I will be playing Macbeth in an upcoming production of William Shakespeare's famous Scottish play. The play is being produced by ReThink Theatrical and is directed by Genevieve Hoeler. It will begin its run in April. If you are in the New York/New Jersey/Philly area you should come check it out!

The rehearsal process has been intense and one of the best creative experiences I've been a part of in my young career. The cast and crew are a great group of people and each of them is pushing me to work as hard as I can each day. For those that know me personally, you know that Scotland holds a special place in my mind/heart/daydreams. Not only is it part of my heritage, but my wife and I took our honeymoon there and we have a deep love for that beautiful island (the whole UK and Ireland. Love all around).

We're putting in the work. That effort will show. It's challenging, rewarding, and full of discovery. I will sign off with an appropriate quote from the play itself:

"The labor we delight in physics pain." - Macbeth

The context of this quote doesn't match up with this post (those that know the play know what just happened before this scene). Essentially it means that the work we love heals us. I believe it through and through. I can't wait to tell this story with this group of people. Hopefully you can come see it. Slàinte mhath!