Let's Dance!

I just finished a run of Night of the Neutron Dance in the NYC Theater Summerfest. Written by Sharifa Williams and directed by Jonathan Bethea, the play ran at the Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan. The one-act play takes place in a dystopian future during a war that started in 1985.... got all that? The audience follows a group of soldiers/survivors that are fighting a savage and horrible enemy. They have taken shelter in abandoned skating rink. The only one who knows life before the war is Sky, Joan D. Saunders (who poured her heart and soul into this performance). She discovers a stash of records from the 80s and wants to throw a dance party for the other survivors. Her second-in-command, Corvus (me), thinks the party will only serve to distract the group and there are bigger fish to fry. Conflict/laughing/dancing ensues. Here are a few stills (Photo credit: Sharifa Williams).

This was such a rewarding show to be a part of and I want to thank each and every person who came to a performance or supported the show from afar. Many thanks to our writer, Sharifa Williams, and our director, Jonathan Bethea. Their spark and vision brought this play to life. I loved every minute of it. And of course, thanks to fellow actors/dancing maniacs. See you in Nafaru, my friends!