Fall Time Optimism

Summer is on it’s way out (I’m told) and fall is setting in. I’m a sucker for it, to be honest.

The summer ended with a great shoot for Stiegl Beer with Grey Sky Films. Then the following week I teamed up with Grey Sky again for a MiFroma cheese commercial. They’re a great team and bring the highest level of fun and professionalism to each set. I mean it…. we went from shooting in the mountains to filming in a nice, air-conditioned office building. They never broke stride. I look forward to future collaborations with their team.

*Photo credit to Grey Sky films for the photo on the top left.

On the theater front, ReThink Theatrical’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow opens on October 4th! The show is shaping up nicely. It is a comedic take on the story that centers around a film crew trying to make a movie version of Sleepy Hollow, only to have the set haunted. Hilarity and hijinks will ensue. If you’re in NY/NJ/Philly, come check it out (oh, it’s FREE btw). ReThink always brings the heat and this one is sure to be no different.

Autumn is here, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the grind and being unsure of whether or not I need a jacket!